Moblie Application Development::Syllabus


Chapter 1

Mobile Device and application

  • defination of mobile computing
  • types of mobile devices
  • uses of mobile devices
  • overview of mobile applications
  • mobile browsers

Chapter 2

introduction to mobile application development

  • mobile application challenges
  • mobile application development tools
  • mobile application programming languages
  • mobile application management
  • mobile application best practices

Chapter 3

Mobile platforms and architectures

  • internet protocols for mobile applications
  • mobile application distribution platforms and environments
  • mobile application development architectures
  • styles of mobile architectures

Chapter 4

Mobile application development 

  • mobile application development life cycle
  • Functions,arrays and objects
  • control structures and mode of execution
  • using html,CSS,DOM,java script,J Query

Chapter 5

IOS Application development

  • Window-based application and MUC
  • object c programming
  • user interface design
  • introduction to graphics on the phone
  • core data and localisation
  • multithreading and multitasking 
  • web services and networking

Chapter 6

Android application development 

  • java reviews
  • android SPK
  • resources ,views and trends
  • intent and storage
  • storage and threads

Chapter 7

Mobile Application Testing

  • merits and demerits of mobile application testing
  • challenges of mobile application testing
  • types of mobile application testing
  • testing tools

Chapter 8

  • Mobile Application security 
  • reducing mobile risks
  • cloud based assessments and solutions
  • security strategies
  • security testing techniques and certification

Chapter 9

Emerging issues and trends