Corporate governance and ICT governance

Definition of ICT governance 
ICT governance is a subset discipline and an integral n integral part of corporate governance. 
ICT governance is the responsibility of executives and the board of directors, and consists of , and consists of the leadership, organizational structures and processes that ensure that the enterprise’s ICT sustains and extends the organization strategies and objectives.
the governance of ICT is the pivot directing ICT endeavors and ensuring that ICT performance meets the following objectives:
  • alignment with and realization of the organization’s mandate and objectives; 
  • enablement of the organization by exploiting opportunities and maximizing benefits
  •  responsible use of ICT resources; and
  • appropriate management of ICT-related risks
Importance of ICT governance

  • · ICT business value directly results from effective ICT governance. 
  •    Effective ICT governance also contributes to better harmonization and coherence with respect to ICT security levels, ICT project management methodologies and generally ICT systems 
  •    Effective ICT governance structure facilitates appropriate awareness of the strategic importance of ICT among managers and staff, and promotes ICT as a strategic tool and enabler for enhancing organizational effectiveness and efficiency and facilitating change management
  • .Effective ICT governance is a critical factor for successful ICT operation in an organization; it ensures that the organization’s ICT is aligned to and supports its strategies and mandate 

Basic ICT governance structures and frameworks
ICT governance committees
ICT governance  committee is a separate body composed of  officers at the senior and executive levels re presenting all parts of the organization and  chaired by an executive manager. The most crucial role and function of the ICT governance committee are
·         They ensure  alignment of ICT with the organization’s business needs.
·         The committee provides a forum and mechanism where business managers from all parts of the organization can meet to  discuss ICT requirements and needs at the organization level
Composition of the ICT governance committee

  • ·  business managers at different levels from various parts of the organization
  • The CIO or Head of ICT is also represented on the ICT governance committee, as an ex officio member or as secretary of the committee

Effectiveness of the ICT governance committee
the following areas are essential and would enhance the functions of the ICT governance committee.

a)     Raising awareness of the strategic value of ICT

b)    Increasing the efficiency of the ICT governance committee

c)     Strengthening communication between ICT and business

d)    Promoting information sharing