Operating systems practicals pastpapers

Computer set-up is a pre installed read only memory(ROM)-based utility that can be used when operating system is unable to load.
(a)     Open thesetup utility of the computer you are using and display the deviceconfigurations of your computer. Print out the screen showing the device configurations. (8marks)
(b)     Describe anysix device configurations displayed on (a) above. (12 marks) (Total 20 marks)
(a)     GraceGicauis an information communication technology trainer in an institutioncatering for people with special needs. In her class, she has a combination oftrainees who have varying dagrees of physical and visual disabilities.

(i)  Identify windows operating system utilities whichassist people with partial physical and visual disabilities to learn and usecomputers. (4 marks)
(ii) Print out the scereen demonistrations of operatingsystem utilities identified in (a) (i) above. (8 marks)
(b) System configuration is an advanced tool which is used to identify problems that mightprevent windows from starting correctly.
State four tabs that are available in windows systemconfiguration tool. (4 marks)
(c)      Print outWindows system configuration tool with the tab that shows the configuration ofthe following
(i)   Base video
(ii)   Time out
(iii)  Active directory repair (4 marks) (Total 20 marks)
(a)   Compare and conrast system partitions and bootpartitions. (8 marks)
(b)  Display the system partition on the hard disk ofthe computer that you are using and prnt out the final screen. (4 marks)
(c)   Andrew onyango has a computer which is currentlyfile allocation table (FAT) system. He would like to convert hard disk and filesystem into new tecnology file system (NTFS) in order to install a new softwarewhich is compatible with the (NTFS) file system.
(i) Explain the procedure of converting the harddisk and FAT file system to NTFS file system. (4 marks)
(ii) Give reasons why one ought to be cautious whenconverting a hard disk or a partition into a NTFS file system. (3 marks)
(iii)  State why the conversion of a hard disk to NTFSmay fail (1 mark)

(a)   Highlight four categories of system information.(4 marks)
(b)  Explain the procedure you would follow todisplay the following system information of the computer you are using andprint out the screen displaing this information.
(i) HotkeyCmds (4 marks)
(ii) Resolution (4 marks)
(iii) System times (4 marks)
(iv)  High definition audio controllers (4 marks) (Total 20 marks)

(a)   Print out the general tab options page ofwindows firewall setting of the computer you are using. (4 marks)
(b)  The left pane of windows performance informationand tools utility includes tasks that can be used ton improve the computer’sperformance.
(i)  Describe the tools which can be used to improvea computer’s performance. (12 marks)
(ii)  Use windows performance information and toolsutility to view and print out the performance details of the computer you areusing. (4 marks) (Total 20 marks)