Strategy,Governance & Ethics Syllabus

Chapter 1

Overview of Management 

  • importance of management

  • Principles of management

  • Management as a science,an,art or a profession

  • functions and roles of management

  • level of management and management skills

Chapter 2

Development of management thoughts

  • per-industrial revolution management theories

  • classical theories,neo-classiccal

  • contemporary theories

Chapter 3

Overview of management functions

  • planning

  • organizing

  • staffing

  • directing

  • controlling

Chapter 4

Overview of corporate strategy and governance

  • meaning of strategy,management and strategy management 

  • scope of strategy management

  • levels of strategic  management

  • Benefits of strategic  management

  • Limitations of strategic  management

  • strategic  management  process

  • meaning and importance of governance

  • principle of corporate governance

Chapter 5

Environmental Analysis

  • Purpose of environmental Analysis

  • Internal  environmental Analysis

  • External  environmental Analysis

Chapter 6

Strategy formulation

  • Organizational mission and vision

  • organizational goals and objectives

  •  development of corporate strategy and business strategy

  • Strategy options

  • Strategy formulations constraints

  • Competitive advantage

Chapter 7

Strategy implementation 

  •   Organization structure

  • Resource allocation

  • Organization culture

  • role of leadership on strategy implementation

  • Innovation and knowledge management

  • constraints to strategy implementation

Chapter 8

Strategic monitoring and evaluation 

  •  purpose and role of strategic monitoring and evaluation

  • purpose of strategic monitoring and evaluation

  • role of management information systems

  • performance measurement,,balance score card and benchmarking

  • features of good strategic monitoring and evaluation system

  • review and feedback

  • Continuous improvement

Chapter 9

 Management of strategic change

  • strategic leadership

  • implementing change

  • managing organization power and politics

  • business excellence models

  • learning organization

  • lean and quality management


Promoting good corporate governance

  • Rights of a shareholder and responsibilities of a shareholder

  • The chairman,board of directors and management

  • The secretary

  • Duties and responsibilities of auditors

  • Investor education

  • internal and external corporate governance controls


Composition,aappointment and duties of directors

  • mix of skills and competencies of directors

  • executive and non-executive directors

  • qualification,appointment,removal,retirement

  • Director's remuneration

  • directors training and development

  • directors liabilities and insurance indemnity

  • frame work fr performance evaluation of the board of directors

  • statutory and fiduciary  duties of directors

  • directors as agents of shareholders

  • matters reserved for the board of directors

  • Conflict of interest and disclosure

  • code of good board room practice


Enterprise Risk Management 

  • The ERM Framework,risk management philosophy,risk appetite,control

  • categories of risk

  • managing risk,financial and operational;risk management process

  • role of the board in ERM

  • risk responses:avoidance,acceptance,reduction and sharing


Professional values and ethical principles

  • professional judgement

  • confidentiality

  • ethics definition,theories and principles of ethics

  •  ethical norms,morality and values

  • code of ethics

  • standards of conduct and personal integrity

  • ethics in business

  • corporate social responsibility


Conflict of interest and inside trading

  • conflict of interest and market manipulation

  • disclosure of interest

  • communication of conflict of interest

  • inside trading

  • whistle blowing

  • conflict of interest register

  • dispute resolution mechanism


Case studies in strategy,governance and ethics


Emerging issues and trends